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      Click pic to see Mike's story

     Click pic to see Mike's story


"Training with Mariah is probably the most life-changing decision I've ever made."

  • Michael lost 51 lbs in 12 Weeks.
  • He has kept it off for 10 years.
  • Click on Michael's picture to see his before & afters and read his story.
            Click pic to see Tonja's story

           Click pic to see Tonja's story


"Mariah really works to make sure you eat the right foods and have energy throughout the day."

  • Tonja lost 29 lbs in 12 Weeks
  • She went from 28% to 9% body fat.
  • Tonja has kept it off for 6 years.
  • Click on Tonja's picture to see her before & afters and read her story.


        Click pic to see Alyson's story

       Click pic to see Alyson's story


"Wherever you are in your life, whatever you want for you life, it is available to you through Mariah's ... program."

  • Alyson, a 52 year-old doctor & mother of 2 was facing knee replacement.
  • In 12 weeks, Alyson lost 22 lbs and corrected her knee problem
  • Click on Alyson's picture to see her before & afters, read her story & watch a video about her experience.
                     Click pic to see Mariah's story

                    Click pic to see Mariah's story

The transformation my people experience are as an unbelievable as Santa Claus himself, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get presents on Christmas day. 

From depressed to the happiest person you know.

From a hobbling crutch to running a marathon.

From obese to abs.

This is my story (click here to read my bio), and it's one I share with the 1000 successful 12 Week Transformations I have coached.

Everyday professional men and women who are NOT psychotic crazed bodybuilders who eat boiled chicken and broccoli and live at the gym lifting weight heavier than Arnie himself.

We’re women & men, grandpas & grandmas, Hollywood actors & actresses, corporate executives, public figures, preachers & teachers.

And we share a commitment to live life as our best selves.

So how can you join our movement?

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