"Mariah turned something that is generally unpleasant - and something I wasn't looking forward to - and she made it fun and entertaining."

  • In 12 weeks, Alyson lost 22 lbs
  • She dropped from a size 8/10 to a size 4
  • By strengthening & toning her legs, Alyson avoided a knee replacement surgery

"Two years before I met Mariah, menopause struck with a vengeance. I gained 15 lbs and my energy level was down - and I wasn't feeling like myself any longer. And then Mariah came into my life.

12 short weeks later, I lost that 15 lbs... and then another 5 more - 22 lbs total.

Before Mariah, I felt overweight, sluggish and wasn't sleeping well. I had stopped working out faithfully, and was in a rut.

Now I feel great. I feel energetic, happy, and I'm sleeping better - it's just affected multiple facets of my life in very positive ways."

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"Even though it was grueling, I felt good about myself when I came- and even better when I left."