Transform With Mariah-Approved Protein Bars!

Scene 1: You're busy, the kids are screaming, you haven't had a glass of water in 3 hours. You stop what you're doing, head toward the kitchen - when your toddler tells you she needs to go to the bathroom. An hour later she's finished, it's nap time... and before you know it the clock says 3 pm and you are completely dehydrated.

Scene 2: You're at your desk. You haven't had a glass of water in 3 hours but you are trying to fire off two more emails before you take a break. Just as you are about to finish the last one, a major sale comes through so it's time to send off paperwork to make your client happy. Before you know it you look down and it's 5 pm. You're thirsty, hungry, and too tired at this point to do that workout you had planned when you left for work this morning. 

Given all of this, it's sometimes difficult to consider eating 4-6 meals per day. As such, many of my clients ask me what acceptable protein bar & protein shake options are. I have written about my ice-cream-like protein shake before (click here for the recipe), so today I thought to share acceptable protein bar options to get you through this crazy thing called life.

In no particular order, these 6 bars all get an 'A' grade for being high protein, low sugar, without tons of filler.

1. Quest Protein Bars. Relatively filling, high fiber. 

2. Powercrunch Protein Bars. Not as filling, so I usually add a fat serving on the side (eg 2 tbsp almond buttter, or 1/4 cup coconut cream with stevia)

3. AdvoBar & AdvoBar Snack. Filling, low sugar, high fiber.

4. Think Thin Bars. Relatively filling, low sugar. Uses soy protein so best to keep to 1-2x/week. Think Thin Bites are bite-sized nuggests of the bars, and are delicious! On the downside, they come in a bag that has 2-3 servings inside, so if portion control isn't your thing (no shame - it's not mine either!) then this might not be your best option - unless you're out shopping and have a friend or kiddos with you to whom you can "donate" the uneaten-but-open portion.

5. Oh Yeah 'One' Bars. Selling point on these is taste as they come in flavors like birthday cake. They are low in sugar at 1 gram, but high in sugar alcohol so it's best to keep these to 1-2/week, tops.

6. Powercrunch Choklat Bars. Amazing taste, low in sugar. Not filling: more of a desert after-thought. But what a desert!

And there you have it.

Now, your best option is always real food. So if you can take some time on Sunday to get in the kitchen, dive into, or and make some "real food" bars to freeze and eat throughout the week, then that would be even better!

Of course, as soon as you do that, your toddler (or client) will probably call you...