Zombie Apocalypse One-Serving Chocolate Pie

When the Zombie Apocalypse comes, and your first regret is that you didn't eat more chocolate pie, you'll only have 5 minutes to make it before you get eaten. And you'll likely only have Paleo ingredients in the house.

Sounds like a nightmare situation.

Never fear: Transform With Mariah is here.

Zombie Apocalypse Single Serving Chocolate Pie

Prep Time: 5 min
Zap almonds, walnuts, and pecans (or some combo) in the food processor for 10 seconds. You can add Stevia or one date (because one day the Zombies are going to come and you'll think, man I wish I had eaten that date)

Boil water and throw a frying pan on top. Voila Dutch oven. Melt unsweeened chocolate in it, adding stevia and a little coconut creme**. (If the Zombies are at the door throw another date into the chocolate mixture along with the one you threw into the nut crust, because you're running out of time anyhow).

(**Coconut creme you can buy by the can at Trader Joe's, or just grab full fat (not light) Thai coconut milk in the cans at the grocery store and refrigerate. The creme will rise to the top for you to use)

While you're making the chocolate, blend the rest of the coconut creme with stevia & vanilla extract to make whipped coconut creme for the top 

Put in bowl: nuts first, then chocolate, then cream. Can be served warm or refrigerate for 10 min to make more like pie. (At this point you should be overrun by Zombies so you better eat it warm).

Yum y'all

Nuts = F(at)1
Coconut Creme = F2
Chocolate = misc, since it's unsweetened, so the whole thing is F2, or 2 x Fat

Not bad for the Zombie Apocalypse! But probably not something you should be eating every day.